Winner Allyson McIntyre

Moon Cries for Ferdinand


Acrylic paint, glitter on canvas

300cm x 210cm

The recipient of last year’s exciting art prize is Allyson McIntyre who has just completed an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, and in fact applied for this award whilst finishing up her degree.


In 2015, there were hundreds of applicants from all over the world vying for the prize, but from 19 eventual finalists, Allyson reigned supreme. In fact, the choice of Allyson’s painting, ‘Moon Cries for Ferdinand,’ was practically unanimous amongst the 22 judges, which included Tracey Emin, Liz Murdoch, Ivan Massow, Dylan Jones and one of our personally favourite people, Mark Inglefield of Albany Arts Communications. To select the ultimate winner, the judges dined together in the gallery, savouring lunch provided by Hix’s own Tramshed (yum!) whilst discussing and debating the merits of the various artworks. The prestigious panel then scored each piece out of a possible 5 and Allyson was beyond-a-doubt, the artist of choice.Of Allyson’s winning painting, Tracey Emin praises, “This work was a massive surprise, I was really impressed with the confidence.’


Allyson McIntyre
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