Winner Joshua Raz 

Indoor/Outdoor Tropics

2016 Oil paint and Gold Leaf on Canvas

140cm x 160cm

''Being involved in the HIX Award has been an invaluabe experience, to be acknowledged in this way beyond university is extremly flattering. Having the experience to exhibit alongside such diverse talent has been amazing''. 

- Joshua Raz


Alex Roberts
Oil 15
Alexandria Frances Clow
Balloon Dog
Alice Chandler
Slightly Guilty Pleasures
Alicia Reyes McNamara
The bodies that were not ours
Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh
Polydactylous Salome
Claudia Cole
Boy with a Terrapin
David Jaramillo Klinkert
Black Widow, ‘Nonsense Botany’ series
Emily Carrington Freeman
Gareth Bunting
The Other Side
Genevieve Slater
Untitled: (Mulan)
Helen J Young
Blue House, Kyangjuma
Hun Kyu Kim (Jake the Dog)
London Ninja
Jaeyeon Yoo
Birthday Party
Joshua Raz
Indoor/Outdoor Tropics
Karen Esther Doyle
To my mother, my dog and clowns
Keun Wook Ji
Actual Dynamics - 0006
Kyung Hwa Shon
The City of Fragments
Sophie Shickle
The white one with long legs
MC Llamas
Split Skull
Gili Lavy
Rui Fan Wang
Between Sand and Tides
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