how can i add nft to wazirx?

Once you go to edit the profile, you will be able to add all the necessary details. Since the announcement of the launch of WazirX's NFT marketplace, the platform has received more than 15,000 registration requests from artists and collectors. WazirX has indicated that it plans to reduce the cost associated with minting an NFT for the artist, and if possible get rid of it altogether. WazirX, India's largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of the first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in the country on June 1.In simple words, NFTs can be said to be a digital certificate that establishes the absolute ownership of digital works of art.

Now, with the storage of tokens on transparent and tamper-proof blockchains, digital art associated with NFTs has become collectible, and the art market is responding to it. Harshit Agrawal, who sells AI artwork as NFTs, tells us how NFTs benefit the artist: "NFTs have been great for digital artists because they have provided a ready market for digital art, something that didn't exist before NFTs, because everyone was worried about duplication and authenticity of digital art. So, if you are a dealer, NFTs are not really your business, but if you are looking for collectibles, you should definitely look into them. If you look globally, the NFT sector is heating up, where many big artists are launching their own tokens.

When a user buys NFTs, users can make sure that they are buying artworks from the original artists with a stamp of authenticity. Hey guys, I'm back with an interesting guide this time for beginners where I explain how to set up Binance's smart chain service on Metamask and get started with WazirX's NFT platform. According to the company, NFTs will be interoperable and can be transferred to a different blockchain at a later date. The company now plans to launch an NFT marketplace, which is not intended not only for works of art, but for digital collectibles of many varieties.

The platform will be used primarily for NFT trading and will run on the blockchain technology of its parent company, Binance. This is just one example of how fan bases of influencers, youtubers, instagrammers and creators can participate by buying NFTs.

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