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CryptoPunks are now the most valuable NFTs in the world, and the Ethereum wallet with the most tokens appears to be controlled by Larva Labs. Butcher coined NFTs at Mirror, and with every NFT purchase, funds are held in a smart contract and sent to a Care. Today, if an NFT project does not provide some kind of inherent utility or have some kind of unique features, it is unlikely to gain much traction. There has been talk, as in the case of Bitcoin, of the effect of NFTs and associated digital assets on high energy use and thus the negative effect on the environment.

But things are not straightforward, as the asset itself can be freely shared, so the NFT is the claim of ownership of an item, not the item itself. Over time, the buying and selling of NFTs could shift from high-level speculators to ordinary collectors. Olta Andoni, legal director of an NFT firm called Nifty's, identified some important areas where NFTs could be considered securities under current regulations. These include the fee paid to mint an NFT and for miners to create new blocks on the blockchain to make it live.

Fang believes that NFTs became more popular last year as the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to spend more time in digital spaces. Meanwhile, most companies and platforms used to sell NFTs today are no more innovative than any random website selling posters. Many enthusiasts will respond today that "clean or "green" NFTs are already starting to circulate. Earlier this year, Jah Reynolds, a 32-year-old Brooklyn-based filmmaker and visual artist, sold his first NFT on the first day on the market.

The app's popularity skyrocketed because artists were using it to prevent NFT spammers from hijacking their work and monetising it as NFT without permission. Last December, artist Memo Atken reported that a single NFT is responsible for a staggering 211kg of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of driving a car for more than 600 miles. Andoni said there is an added danger for developers who issue a collection of NFTs but retain ownership over a certain amount.

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