what are examples of nft games?

Tokens can be used in tournaments or sold on secondary NFT markets for potential profit. These NFTs can represent collectibles, tools, or any of the above examples of NFTs that are introduced within a game. An NFT game combines traditional gaming features with novel game mechanics to provide players with more influence over in-game assets such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual territories, etc. And like other NFT games, the Axies, SLPs and other NFTs used can be sold on the NFT marketplace within the application or on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea.

For example, any character, game skin, sword, treasure box, poison or any other in-game item can be represented by an NFT. Furthermore, this means that many NFT games come with their own marketplaces, where players can bet, lend, borrow and trade native on-chain tokens and in-game assets that come in the form of fungible tokens or NFTs. While the hype around certain NFT projects is already reaching unimaginable heights, real-world use cases are just beginning to emerge. These are web-based gaming applications3 that incorporate NFT in some way, either by rewarding players with NFT or by having some form of NFT in the game, or even both.

As a result, players can enjoy some of their favourite game genres while participating in a lucrative NFT market. Tokens are now NFTs connected to the blockchain, but they cannot yet be exchanged on a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, every time players of your NFT game visit the related website, there must be a way to allow them to log in. Therefore, great opportunities await those developers prepared to delve deeper into the NFT gaming and GameFi space.

The rise of NFTs has also attracted the attention of game developers, who are looking for ways to use NFTs in games. NFT video games are a relatively new concept and people have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, mainly because of the good returns they guarantee in the real world. Play2Earn Train your Cybers, use the right skills at the right time to defend the base and win for Idle Cyber tokens and valuable NFT assets.

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