what will the value of pi be when it is launched?

This also depends on the market. Compared to other digital currency launches, experts predict that the Pi cryptocurrency will have a lower value against the US dollar. However, they also say that the Pi network has all the potential to grow once its adoption increases. The PI app even runs in the background, so you can keep mining the PI cryptocurrency passively as you go about your day.

By no means am I claiming that Pi will make me a millionaire (if anything, I'm equally sceptical about what will happen when it hits a bitcoin exchange), but I suspect that the project leaders are not (intentionally) acting nefariously with their work. Pi has been promoting its programme for more than years and has already reached more than a million users. When asked why Pi is not listed on an exchange like Coinbase, I was told that their fees are too high and Pi likes that. With that said Pi needs to launch its coin on the exchange soon to get real value otherwise a long term project without generating value to users, even if it has potential, will lose value.

A price prediction for the Pi coin is impossible to make because the cryptocurrency has not been listed anywhere. But have you ever checked your article and the recent status of what you once called a scam? In addition to the 25 million passive followers, PI now has a huge community of programmers, who are building many platform applications to form the PI ecosystem that will come to life in about 4 months. Blockchain expert Dang Minh Tuan of the Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology said that unlike many other networks, Pi seems to lack transparency. In fact, the cryptocurrency expert adviser says Pi can build assets from the ground up and bring profits.

Wallet balances are expected to be honoured when PI moves from the test network to a mainnet, when the blockchain protocol comes out of development and is fully deployed. The mining of PI does not depend on the computing power of your device, but there are other factors that influence the mining speed of the PI cryptocurrency, such as the number of people you have referred to the application. As with other digital currencies at launch, the value of the PI cryptocurrency is likely to start relatively low against the US dollar and rise as its use grows. Some analysts making predictions about the Pi coin are not necessarily concerned about the value of the Pi network; they are more concerned about whether this project is a scam.

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