where is the pi network used?

This is because it is more valuable for advertisers to advertise on websites that are used because they bring some value to users (for example, their currencies may have some value, but don't get your hopes up. Other experiments like ETN only make their users a few euros a month. It is a clone of the pi network concept with even less transparency. Just skip it unless you like providing data to anonymous people.

To find out more, feel free to read why we think it's a dangerous scam. I wouldn't bother installing the app. You can always argue that you only waste time if you try the app. However, this belief would lead the believer to follow any dishonest actor promising future value.

There is no shortage of empty promises in the world, we try to spend our time more carefully. However, if you already have the app, you can wait to see if the founders actually build something of significant value. The truth is that many of us just need something to fall back on to have a reasonable living condition. Especially here in Africa, and precisely in Nigeria, life is very hard for many of us.

Therefore, reading an article with such a negative slant is an encouragement to us. As you mentioned, we have spent time, effort and our meagre source of income buying data subscriptions to keep up with the network. Therefore, it does us no good to write such an article without suggesting credible, legitimate alternatives. Please be kind enough to help with what might be alternatives.

I know that to make it in the crypto business one needs to invest some funds, but honestly speaking I don't have money for investment. If I could raise up to $200, I would have bought some coins like BUSD, USDT, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN etc and get into trading on the exchanges, but I can't afford that. Although I do come across some of these things that are advertised but I don't have the money to go for them. Honestly, I pray that Pi is legit.

I can't imagine what my fate would be if it turns out to be a scam. I believe in sincerity in everything I do. Again, thank you for your article and may God bless you with more knowledge. I agree with all of it (except that the article is outdated or incorrect), if you see your time is worthless.

The author himself is mining pi coins, folks don't be fooled. Btw hopefully he will make more exceptions and talk about similar projects ???? They are definitely working towards the mainnet regardless of whether he writes about it or not. But it remains to be seen if they will be able to build something that generates significant value for end users. I love the mention of the beautiful Brave Browser which has made me realise that the other browsers have been "SCAMMING" me as they (Brave) actually give me a small BAT for looking at ads while the other browsers don't.

Overall, this is a good article. However, I would modify the title to read: "Will the Pi Network ever provide value to its users? Probably not. Then go on with your compelling reasons why you think the network would not provide value and, as a bonus, give the users what they should look for and suggest to the community so that value is provided (I think you've done that but it's a bit hard to see with that title mixed in with the thoughts in the reader's mind). Just one more thing, the example of the OneCoin scam executive touting his past experiences at McKinsey comparing them to those of the Pi Network founders seemed a bit off to me.

OneCoin was a total scam (it was done with its victims' money) and I dare say that the ones you mentioned, whose legitimate businesses speak for them, most likely showed some of that Ivy League education when they were starting out (that seems to be par for the course). This pi network has started paying or will pay in the future and not now. When will PI be worth something? When will I be able to convert PI into real money? PI holders will be able to convert PI into "real money" when they buy goods and services on the PI market or exchange PI for fiat currency. Gold, silver or cryptocurrencies may be the option.

It seems that PI is accompanying the future of fiat currency. I am new to PI, I think I still want to observe and read more articles about it and take some time before making a firm conclusion about it. So to be true, this is what happened to the author of this mere article, it is because of envy and hate that he is criticizing pi network, and due to the fact that he is not among the core team made him feel unhappy and jealous, One excuse I would give you is that you said you are new to crypto, I would reason with your ignorance in crypto because every crypto expert would recommend pi network, everyone who knows crypto would give a 5 star rating to pi network, Thank you for sharing your opinion. What is this crypto project you are talking about, thanks for sharing.

And see less Youtube may be better for you, also will a user still have full access to the mined pi coin after its launch and if the answer is yes, will it be at the same value it is trading at? No one can predict the trading value. That will become clear when the main network is launched. No, it will not be removed, regardless of what happens to the network. I hope it gets to the mainnet stage so that users can earn something for their time and data.

Letting one of the biggest scammers in Malaysia (Johnson Lee) represent Pi Network makes the whole thing look like a scam. I will never trust anything Johnson Lee is involved in. The promoters are not promising the moon. They are upfront enough to mention that it is not a free gift, I think they deserve our support if any value is accrued over a period of time.

This point was already clarified in the third point of the article starting with "The app works". In the Pi network, what happens if my introducer is suddenly inactive or dead, does it affect me and my mining followers? The inactivity of your introducer only affects you in the sense that when they are active you get a higher mining rate. You are a great writer. Please take another look at Pi and understand the project better.

I am very confused as to whether this app is legit or not. Looking forward to see what happens at the end of the year. All fingers crossed Still skeptical, but less so. They look legit, and verified identity is going to be a valuable currency in a digital world.

Just reverse engineer the app and you'll find plenty of popunder ads. When asked why Pi isn't listed on an exchange like Coinbase, I was told that their fees are too high and Pi likes that. I have been mining Pi for a long time and have accumulated over 6000 Pi, but suddenly the PI app stopped working. When I used Pi on Facebook I got 3 helpful replies but I didn't follow through because there is no way to know if the reply was legitimate or not.

According to the aforementioned lack of response from Pi support, it would appear that they don't have a dedicated support team except the community. To be honest, I wouldn't blame them for not providing support, it's a free product with millions of users, so only supporting the community would make sense. I have been mining Pi and still mining and have guided 2 different people to get their mined Pi back after losing their phones. Either you didn't follow the guidelines given by the community members or you didn't ask the right questions.

Thanks for the comment Mark, I wish you the best of success in investing in yourself, it's never easy, but it pays off in the long run The main idea behind Pi is to make a common man's currency. That's why they plan to launch it after reaching 100 million users, unlike Bitcoin, which was launched after mining 18 million coins. As for your inhibitions regarding the pyramid or MLM structure, keep in mind that for a currency to be successful it must be accepted by a large number of people. How can users grow if you don't refer someone else? Bitcoin was launched with less than 5000 original miners.

And that is why it is too scarce and out of reach of the common man and impractical for daily transactions. Can you suggest a better way to populate a concept without inviting people by existing users? I can't. Bitcoin was launched with NONE of the coins mined. When it started, anyone who wanted to participate was on equal footing.

People get all touchy when you suggest that their get rich easy scheme might be a waste of time eh? This author is paid to damage the pi network by competitors. Ignorance is his problem I couldn't have said it better. In today's world literally every website and social media site is collecting your data. Some of these sites are providing this collected information to government agencies.

Let's not act like this is a new scam of some sort. I urge you to look at this from all avenues. Yes, the Pi currency is currently worthless. However, the Pi network introduced a hackathon event that follows the example of other currencies that pay at events.

GITHUB does this, and is supported by a lot of major coins. I personally feel that cryptocurrency is becoming a way of the future, but with that said, it is mainly based on 1's and 0's, so everything is subject to change. You don't have to invite anyone and you don't have to watch ads. That takes away 2 of the things this guy thinks are a problem already.

He doesn't seem to know much about Pi beyond what he's read on the internet. Using it for some time would have been obvious from the article. It's just obvious that he hasn't used it to even see how it works. BTC and Pi don't follow "precisely the same path from any perspective I can imagine".

But if anything new happens on Pi, feel free to let us know. How would we know that by entering our mail id here to post a comment, they wouldn't sell our id for advertising? Did you try to contact Pi network's chief technology officer Nikolas somehow and ask him about Pi network's current and future plans? And kindly tell me a cryptocurrency space or platform with close to 20 million users, before even getting on Mainnet or exchange. They have even presented their plan about launching DApps on Pi browser. It's one thing to be skeptical about the project, but who are you to judge that it's a scam? And what if it's not? It could ALSO be a data mining app, in addition to the development with the testnet.

Bro, I like your comment, I agree with you, let's see what happens. Well I agree, it all starts from nothing. Anyway, the world has a lot of uncertainties. Hey Author, I think you should give this project a chance and open an account, what have you got to lose? Are they going to give us a second chance to change our profile name? Pi Network has released an API that allows developers to interact with the Pi testnet.

This platform is a layer between the blockchain and external websites, however, currently sites have to be loaded into the PI Browser application in order to get client interaction. There was also talk at the sdk launch of a kubernetes cluster for high-volume applications. There is a pay-route diagram in the SDK that indicates a high level of centralisation within the Pi Network. Pi is going to be a very different entity to traditional cryptocurrencies.

All they want is free money. Just by watching them in the chat it is painfully obvious that they have no idea about Pi or cryptocurrencies in general. They are literally just there to get free money. So all they want to know is "how much Pi is worth and "when will it be worth money In general, I don't need to trust people with degrees, especially someone like Dr.

Rujar who was behind Onecoin, she used everything to sell Onecoin. Her education, the degree, the title, the background etc. In the end it was all a scam, what simply gave it away was that onecoin had no blockchain. Same with pi, the guy studied at Stanford should give him credit, but no blockchain means it's a waste of time.

Same with that Q Initiative, I noticed iQ when bitcoin was becoming popular along with Traffic Monsoon. And still today they have not been able to make progress. I will quit pi when I reach 1000 pi coins. A Karl Marx reference for people who seek to "get rich without putting in significant effort".

But what is the pi network and how does it work? Have you heard about the new cryptocurrency and wonder about the value of the pi coin as a potential investment? Pi Network claims to be the first and only digital currency that you can mine on your phone. Pi Network was launched by a group of Stanford PhD students and looks like it will be as good or better than Bitcoin. BFT is also used by the NEO and XRP blockchains. Fortunately, users will still be able to mine the Pi coin on their mobile phones after the main network launches.

Pi Network claims that users can mine the coin through the mobile app without draining their phone's battery. On the other hand, if you are a developer and prefer the technical stuff, Pi Phase 3 will work in your favour. This is a platform where Pi users will be able to do work and get paid in Pi or hire someone to do work and pay them in Pi. Pi holders will be able to convert Pi into "real money" when they buy goods and services on the Pi market or exchange Pi for fiat currency.

It is expected that wallet balances will be honoured when PI moves from the test network to the main network, when the blockchain protocol moves out of its development phase and is fully deployed. The core Pi team will host several nodes on the testnet, but will encourage more Pioneers to start their own nodes on the testnet. As an ambassador, you will earn up to 25x your base mining fee for each person you invite to the network. Pressing the mine button every day is quite annoying, coupled with the fact that the coin may be worthless in the end.

Pi Coin was created to give ordinary people the opportunity to mine the coin from their mobile phones. That's why you have to be invited by someone to make an account and earn more Pi per hour by inviting more people.

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