will the pi network ever be included in the list?

As a result, the Pi coin is not yet available for trading on any cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform. The price of Pi has not yet been established. Although the mining rate of the coin has been halved, users can increase their mining rate by connecting with other active miners. I don't know much about this, so what does it mean? Currently, Pi is worthless, and has not been listed on any cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Although it is difficult to predict its value before launch, the Pi network price prediction shows that the value of the Pi network will start at around 0.01 against the US dollar. If this Pi price prediction comes true, it will be great news for miners. The Pi core team does not control when cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc.) trade Pi. However, Pi will be able to be traded in Phase 3 of the project (i.e.

at that point, exchanges may choose to list Pi. Pi Network was launched by a group of Stanford PhD students and looks like it will be as good or better than Bitcoin. I still don't understand what my phone is doing while Pi is running in the background, or how this is gaining value. I can see that you addressed this with this comment - "There are hundreds of posts online saying Pi Network can't be a scam because users don't put in any money.

However, I would amend the title to read: "Would the Pi Network ever provide value to its users? Probably not. It is impossible to make a prediction of the price of the Pi coin because the cryptocurrency has not been listed anywhere. Since one does not have to contribute computing power to mine the PI coin, the PI Network cryptocurrency could be of interest to anyone looking to expand and diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio. So in all honesty, this is what has happened with the author of this mere article, it is out of envy and hatred that he is criticizing pi network, and due to the fact that he is not among the core team made him unhappy and jealous,.

Many Pi users are hoarding Pi coin in anticipation that the value of Pi coin will increase after the launch of phase 3.Just seeing them in the chat makes it painfully obvious that they have no clue about Pi or cryptocurrency in general. Now you have the app and installed the app, Now you get 1 free Pi Coin for using my promo code and the mining has started. Pi cryptocurrency is very easy and very fun to play because it gives you a dream somehow it will be a phenomenon someday. Then go on to deliver your compelling reasons why you think the network wouldn't deliver and as a bonus, give users what they should look for and suggest to the community to deliver value (I think you did but it's a bit hard to see with that title mixed with thoughts in the reader's mind).

However, there is absolutely no evidence to back this up, and the team behind the Pi Network has not released much information on the progress of the project. The only real value I see is identity verification due to overlapping networks, adding another level of trust in identity. Unlike Bitcoin mining, the Pi Network cryptocurrency project aims to keep cryptocurrency mining accessible to all users.

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