can paintings be sold as nft?

But so far only a few pieces of NFT art have sold for more than a million. If you want to understand why NFT artworks sell for such high prices, think of it as the unpredictable value of art multiplied by the unpredictable value of cryptocurrencies. Art is historically difficult to value. A practical guide on how to make and sell an NFT if you want to try your luck with your own digital creations.

Private and retail investors are already buying and selling NFTs for profit, for example this bluish guy with a pipe was sold for over $7.5 million a few weeks ago. Once you have that knowledge in the bag and some really cool art you want to sell as NFTs, the next step is to figure out where you can sell them. Just like sellers on Amazon have to pay a litany of fees to sell their items, artists also have to pay what's called a gas fee if they want to mint their NFTs. We would love to be able to explain, clearly and simply, how to calculate the cost of creating and selling an NFT, but the confusing nature of blockchain technology, the wild fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies and the lack of transparency of the platforms themselves make this an impossible task.

Unless you are the new digital Banksy (like Beeple), to sell your art you will need an NFT marketplace. More importantly, it is extremely easy to create, set up and list your digital content on NFTs ready to sell. Despite the above figures and the fact that some NFTs have sold for staggering prices, there is no guarantee that artists will be able to sell their art for the same amounts. This could certainly be a challenge if your work is painted on three sides of a wall like PBOY's NFT of "Michelangelo's Last Judgement (photographed in 4D for sale).

Take a look at the markets mentioned above for inspiration on what makes the best-selling NFT art. In other words, spending too much time on the ideation of an NFT can make the process of selling the property more tedious. After signing and confirming payment for transactions with your MetaMask portfolio balance, your NFT is immediately listed for sale. According to his observations, too many artists say they are interested in selling NFTs without following a plan of action.

Therefore, the amount you earn from selling your NFT art will depend on how well you build a following and list exposure for your work in a popular market.

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