when will nft be launched on binance?

OpenSea's head of product, Nate Chastain, is facing criticism for using burner wallets to buy NFT on the platform so that the artwork could get more attention on the front page of the website. Helen Hai, head of Binance NFT, says "Binance shares similar values to 'Genesis', revolutionising the fintech space with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, paving the way as a pioneering blockchain leader, just as the 'Genesis' auction will do the same for the NFT industry." IGOs, or Initial Game Offerings, are NFT collections of top-tier gaming projects available exclusively on Binance NFT. Despite the growing popularity of NFT games, which account for more than 50 percent of NFT trading volume, many of these projects have struggled to find a dedicated hub to develop their game and community. Binance IGO drops will provide the foundation for a gaming metaverse that connects high-quality blockchain games and NFT assets with the world's largest and most passionate cryptocurrency community.

In early May, a content creator programme was announced under the name "Innovative Creators Programme" to enable content creators interested in joining the emerging NFT collectibles space to do so. According to a Binance press release, the company launched a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Binance marketplace. The platform aims to become the "ultimate destination for NFT and digital collectibles enthusiasts looking to add content from some of the "world's leading creators and artists to their digital collections". IGOs, or Initial Game Offerings, are core game NFT assets from top-tier game projects available exclusively on Binance NFT.

Explore artwork from the "100 Creators programme, featuring NFT content from regional talent". If you are interested in launching an OIG collection on Binance NFT, complete the application form. Expect a jam-packed line-up of global exhibitions and auctions, with top-tier artists and on-demand content available exclusively on Binance NFT. Expect a jam-packed line-up of top-tier NFT exhibitions and collaborations, along with the best liquidity in the Binance industry, all with minimal fees for users and creators.

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